Financial/Banking Courses

Cynsteph Resources in designing and developing these financial/core banking programmes combined our over 20 years working experience in the banking industry with running successful training programmes.

The courses which cover various aspects of banking like Operations, Corporate Banking, Personal & Retail Banking, Treasury, Private Banking & Wealth Management, Risk Management & Compliance, SMEs and Branch Management, are designed to sharpen the skills of staff and enable them to better understand the business environment and how better to contribute to the success of their organisation.

Financial/Banking Courses

Domestic Operations

  • Critical Elements of Customer Service
  • Cash and Teller
  • Funds Transfer
Financial/Banking Courses
Critical Elements of Customer Services

Excellent service has become the basic expectation of every customer. Therefore, any organization that cannot distinguish itself through great customer service is shooting itself on the legs.

Nigerians are expecting to see a new orientation, which will place customers in their rightful position as ‘kings’. This programme will help your team to reinforce their understanding of the necessity for a high service culture and will give them clear guidance and tools to assist them to adopt a great service attitude.

Programme Benefits
Participants will:

  • Recognize that service delivery is an individual response as well as a team culture
  • Understand how an individual’s behavior impacts the behavior of others
  • Develop more confidence and skills as problem-solvers
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Make customer service a team approach
  • Provide Lagniappe Service
  • Recognize Sale Opportunities

Programme Outline

  • Defining the ‘Customer’
  • What is Customer Service?
  • Customer Service and Customer Experience
  • Customer Experience Pyramid
  • Understanding the Organisation, its cultures, values and strategic goals
  • Creating positive lasting First Impression
  • Meeting Expectations: Four critical areas of customer expectations
  • Presenting yourself properly
  • Setting Goals and Targets
  • Effective feed-back mechanism- Voice of Customer etc
  • Communication Approaches: Barriers and how we can overcome them.
  • Dos and Don’ts in Communication
  • Dealing with Challenging People: Understanding difficult behavior, identify some coping techniques and risk of unintended consequences
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • The Problem Solving Process: a six step plan for solving problems
  • The Recovery Process: how to turn dissatisfied customers into loyalists/Referee
  • Service as a Team Culture: how the organization as a team can improve customer service.
Financial/Banking Courses
Branch Management Proficiency

This course is designed to address the core requirements of branch management

  • Business Development/Profitability
  • Customer Service
  • Operations and Compliance
  • Team Management
  • Business Environment Awareness
Financial/Banking Courses
Risk Management & Compliance

Every organisation in order to succeed has to identify the threats and opportunities confronting it. This course is designed to update the skills and knowledge of the staff in order to bridge the risk gap.

  • Credit Risk Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Corporate Governance
Financial/Banking Courses
Personal & Retail Banking

Providing excellent customer service and equipping your customer-facing staff with the skills and knowledge they require to effectively carry out their jobs has never been more important given the current banking environment, changes and demanding needs from clients, regulators, technology and shareholders

  • Consumer Lending
  • Personal Banking
  • Retail Banking Products
Financial/Banking Courses

This course is designed to give a fundamental understanding of the core elements of treasury management

  • Treasury Products
  • Asset Liability Management
Financial/Banking Courses
Private Banking & Wealth Management

This course is designed to give participants an in-depth understanding of customers’ needs and matching it with appropriate products to suit the customer.

  • Alternative investments
  • Asset management in private banking
  • Credit skills for private bankers
  • Equity investments
  • Financial markets and products
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Hedge funds for private bankers
  • Fixed income markets
  • Options for private bankers
  • Portfolio management
  • Traditional investments, insurance and trusts
  • Relationship management for private bankers
  • The changing needs of Private Banking and Wealth Management clients
  • The impact of the global and local economy on the bank and its clients
Financial/Banking Courses
Corporate Finance
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Building a Valuation Model
  • Building an LBO model
  • Building an M&A model
  • Carrying out a strategic business analysis
  • Determining and optimising the cost of capital through different financing structures
  • Implications of the latest accounting rules for corporate finance activity
  • Leveraging the investment bank
  • Valuation Techniques.
Financial/Banking Courses

Financial Accounting

  • Advanced Ratio and Analysis Concepts
  • Basics of Financial Accounting
  • Basics of Financial Accounting for Nigeria
  • Company Overviews
  • Depreciation Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Ratios
  • Introduction to Accounting Concepts
  • Introduction to Financial Statements for Credit Unions
  • Inventory Accounting
  • Reconciliation of Accounts
  • The Accounting Cycle

Financial Analysis

  • Analyzing Combined Balance Sheets & Income Statements
  • Analyzing Performance and Condition
  • Analyzing Performance and Condition for Nigeria
  • Aspects of a Financial Model
  • Basics of Financial Planning
  • Basics of Financial Planning for Nigeria
  • Financial Analysis
  • Interpreting Financial Reports and Accounts
  • Interpreting Financial Reports and Accounts for Nigeria
  • Introduction to Financial Modeling
  • Model Analysis
  • Model Creation
  • Typical Financial Models
  • Understanding Cash Cycles and Cash Flow
Financial/Banking Courses
Corporate, Commercial & Business Banking
  • Institutional Lending
  • Commercial Lending
  • Trade Finance and Foreign Exchange
Financial/Banking Courses

In line with Government’s inroads in the development of this sector, the course is designed to equip staff with necessary techniques to meet the needs of this growing sector

  • Overview of SME Sector
  • Institutional Support Framework
  • Financial Analysis
  • Project Appraisal
  • Credit Administration and Monitoring
  • Credit Risk Assessment
  • Asset Management