Once the can-do attitude is found in you, you'll probably do anything and rightly get it done too -- Jude Nnadi

Jude Nnadi is a Consultant, a Mentor, a Trainer and an Entrepreneur who spent eight (8) years in corporate America in medical device manufacturing and business leadership. In the last two (2) years, he has spent most of his time building and influencing Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) across the Atlantic, from the United States to West Africa, focusing on Nigeria and Ghana.

He is a strategist who has led a United States Fortune 500 company to knock down barriers and penetrate West African market; changing how people access health care. In his role as the West Africa Regional Manager, he was able to craft a five (5) year strategic plan to manage and care for a range of Non-Communicable Diseases. He pushed the envelope and moved the needle forward by providing the marketing strategy, which doubled the annual sales to half a million dollars within one year of his restructuring the organisation.

He performed liaison role and presented the company’s products and therapies to congresses including: Pan Africa Society of Cardiology in Dakar, Senegal – May, 2013; Diabetes Association of Nigeria in Abuja – August, 2013; African Association of Thoracic and Cardio-Vascular Surgeons in Accra, Ghana – August, 2013; Nigeria Cardiac Society, Ilorin – September, 2013; Medic West Africa Exhibition and Congress, Lagos – October, 2013; Medtronic Philantropy Inaugural, Minneapolis, USA – February, 2014 and many others.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Jude Nnadi